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S.C. Exghts S.R.L. activeaza in domeniul: Consultanta, Contabilitate, IT si te poate ajuta cu urmatoarele servicii:

}exghts are the cloud, data, RPA & AI experts! Our Targo platform is intelligent, overtakes manager tasks & decisions!

}exghts is about //data, digital added value, interaction of humans with technology and customer }experience. “The }exghts team is staffed with carefully selected, highly educated, certified and motivated individuals. We massively invest in our talents to provide you a great «end to end» experience.”
} exghts implement their partnership strategy their. It can be measured, it can be managed! In terms of Microsoft Gold partner quality} developed.net applications and custom Power applications. PowerBI view. Deep knowledge in AI, people with skilled functions. 

} exghts pune datele in centrul strategiei partenerilor lor. Ce se poate masura, poate fi gestionat! In calitate de partener Microsoft Gold} exghts dezvolta aplicatii.net și Power Apps personalizate. Vizualizare cu PowerBI.
Cunoaștere profunda in AI, oameni cu inalta calificare. 

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